Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to get Job and what we should do

Dear Friends, 

I am SKU. And today, I got this opportunity to share my Real time and Real life Experiences with you all friends. 
So, I’m a software engineer by trade, Oracle Apps DBA. I do front-end and back-end stuff; I am always reading about the latest technologies on Oracle and others; and I’m always experienced the away at something or other. And I start blog

Whenever I learn something new, or see something cool, I firstly, it means that I end up understanding stuff that little bit better. 

I consolidate new concepts, transforming them from purely practical applications to something more concrete. I can also learn from the people who end up leaving a comment, which is often. 

It’s also incredibly gratifying when people leave comments, thanking you for articulating something which they struggled to understand before. 

Secondly, I can show other people (and potential employers) that I’m passionate about learning, developing and improving to myself and others also. This is incredibly valuable. 

I started my Carrier at Bangalore. When I was struggling for job, I didn’t get job anywhere, even I tried for BPO companies but unfortunately I didn’t get there also. That time I felt that I can’t do anything. But one thing I always kept in mind that OK.. if I dint get here means something is big for me in next. 

We all know "Never Give Up" but we don’t follow it, but we advice to other, hahaha. One reality, have you people noticed that "People advises to other for any problems but if same problem happens to him/her, they don’t understand that situation and they lose their hope" but this is true and we should follow it "Never Give Up". 

People say in Hindi that: Dusro ko Idea/advice dene ke liye sabhi ke pas hota hai, lekin jab apne ooper padta hai to sab idea/advice aadmi bhul jata hai. :D 

Friends, I daily woke up in morning and open Newspaper to check the job opening in advertisements page. Then I marked them and called to the people (this was my daily routine in the morning). Then one of my friend (room-mates) suggest me to follow other Newspaper (AdgetFree or gitti, name something like this), even he bought for me. Some of them was studying and working. Then I use to follow that Newspaper and again every morning from 9 am to 10 am, I used to call them and ask for interviews or meeting. As they were small companies, so it was easy to meet them also. 

As every parents my parents’ also expecting job ASAP, but I was not having any answer to tell them and even I stopped to pick up the calls. That situation was like hell for me. But it happens almost of us. I really don’t want that situation with any one of us. May be you are thinking as yeah it’s happened with me also. 

At last I got a job in small company as sql, plsql and php developer. (I will share about my 1st company’s interview in next post). 

One thing Remember, if you want anything, you have to do everything for that. And definitely, you will get it. 

Believe me; I tried a lot for job fully 1 month. I remembered that days, when I was not able to sleep and eat properly because of tension, I didn’t pick up the call of my parents. I can’t explain that in words... but getting job in month, it was great achievement. Hope you also feel same. 

I got the job in as small company, but from that I learned better not to join a very small company, they will use you a lots, so be very careful in choosing a small companies. 

We joined a company either for learning or earning but at some places we didn’t get anything. Only they will use us for their any type of work. 

But still we joined them for greedy of experiences, even that also don’t work in future. Now industries have changed in reality my dear friends.

To get a job you must be addicted to for that. 
What I have done, I can explain here below in some points:

1. Keep Reading and Revise your stuff.
2. Keep update you Resume to job portal such as naukri.com, shine.com, Monsterindia.com, Timesjobs.com etc.
3.  Keep searching in newspaper as I have mentioned above.
4. Search in Newspapers and call them and ask for meeting or interviews.
5. Be punctual  for timing ( I will share my experience about this in my next post).
6. Never ever give money for unknown consultancy. ( If you ask me, don't pay for consultancy). 
7. Be dedicated for job.

Please try this for 1 Month, you will get the job 100% sure. Because this is my real experiences. 

Hope this will be useful, I will keep post some more real life and real time experiences. If you have any questions, please either put your comments or write to us https://ora-data.blogspot.in/.

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