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Dear Friends,

We know as getting a job is very hard. But if once you got opportunity then you will feel as it is very easy and I can get anytime other job.

Friends, if you ask me frankly, there is lots of job in the market, there is lots of opportunities and things to do in the market and in the LIFE , but to do only we need to be ready and we should have interest and quality.

Believe me or not but I have seen many good and knowledgeable people, they are excellent in the stuff but they don't have opportunities. I have seen worst guys working in company who don't know anything but they are surviving in the company.

So, my concern is if you are not getting any job, it doesn't mean that you don't deserve it. Just you need to wait for good time and good luck. And always believe that you have something better than that which you didn't get.

And I have learned from my past experiences, friends’ hard work will never go waste. Believe me 100% any type of experiences and good hard work will be good only in future. Even small things also will help you to bring up in the future.

As already I have share about my life and struggle experiences in my earlier posts. And I really appreciate the people who contact me with good feedback and they also feel the same.

I would like to you all, please just try the things which I have mentioned in JOB tips, I am asking only your 1 month, just try it and see the changes...

I can understand, giving advice is easy but working on that is hard. But those people are very lucky at least some one is there for him/her to guide or advice them. But think those people for whom no one there to guide or advice.
In most of cases, sorry here I will use some Hindi languages… Humare ghar wali padha likha dete hai kisi bhi tarah se, paisa udhari lekar, loan or karz lekar. Aur bolte hai jo karna hai, jo tumhe achha lagta hai karo. Hum sirf paisa de sakte hai tumhare badle me padhai to nhi kar sakte etc… Bhai apne jagah pe wo thik hai kyunki unka jamana alag tha, ve bhi kya kare, unhe bhi nhi pta aaj kal ke market ke bare me aur hum bhi bas bhagwan bharose reh jate hai. Fir hum na hi ghar or na hi ghat ka rehte hai… So, just think what to do now? either you want to do something or just baith ke bhagwan or dusro ko koste raho...

Friends, If you also have any suggestions or real life experiences, please share with us, we will update here and help the other friends.

JOB Tips

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Hi Friends,

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  1. Thankyou so much bro ... u made me a big possitive person ...


    1. Dear Krish,

      Your welcome.

      ora-data Team.


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